Cables & Wires for the South African Automotive Industry

The car industry is one of the most important South African economic sectors. From manufacturing plants for world-class brands to improved process automation, our cables and wires for the automotive industry are instrumental in improving working conditions.

Not only are car parts becoming more modern, but the companies that make these parts need to keep up with the growing demands. They're automating factories where cars are built with our cables and wires for the automotive industry, making work more efficient and improving cars’ longevity.

HELUKABEL South Africa works with the leading car makers and machine and factory makers to develop new and affordable cables and wires for the automotive industry for every part of the car-making process. These solutions are innovative and help make cars better.

We look forward to assisting you in identifying the best products for your specific application and to answering any questions you might have.
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HELUKABEL Solutions for the Automotive Industry