Wind Power - Tradition Rediscovered

People have used wind energy for hundreds of years – to grind grain or pump groundwater. Today, wind power continues to play a significant role, especially in generating green electricity; it makes the largest contribution to electricity generation within the industry. Wind turbines can withstand extreme climatic conditions on land and water. Equipment must offer excellent seawater, oil, ozone, and UV resistance. That’s where HELUKABEL South Africa’s cables and wires for wind energy come in.

We offer optimal cables and wires for wind energy for onshore and offshore wind farms. Our complete product range includes low-voltage and medium-voltage cables with copper or aluminium conductors, twistable cables, data and network technology, pre-assembled fibre optic cables, individual connection and interconnection technology, and other accessories for fastening and bundling cables in the tower.

We look forward to assisting you in identifying the best products for your specific application and to answering any questions you might have.

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Cross section of a wind turbine with explanations