Cables, Wires & Accessories for South African Drive Technology

Today, industrial production relies heavily on drive technology. It's what makes conveyor belts move; robots swing their arms, and machines produce parts. Drive technology ensures these machines get the energy and information they need through cables and wires. In many cases, these cables and wires not only transmit energy but also enable other functions, like transmitting data or controlling parts of the machines with as little interference as possible. The cables and wires for drive technology must be durable, flexible, and compatible with electromagnetic conditions due to various industrial settings. This is where HELUKABEL South Africa's expertise in cables comes into play.

Under the TOPSERV® brand, we offer a range of cables and wires tailored to the specific needs of drive technology. Our cables and wires for drive technology cater to both moving and non-moving applications, with options for different bending radii. We also provide cables that are halogen-free and UV-resistant. Additionally, our portfolio includes cables and wires suitable for use in drag chains, as well as cables designed for outdoor applications in motors, servos, and encoders. We rigorously test the performance of our cables in harsh industrial environments, subjecting them to oil, temperature, torsion, and drag chain tests in our research and development centre.

Furthermore, we offer one-cable solutions with our TOPSERV® Hybrid series for standard servo motors. These solutions reduce the need for extensive connection technology, making installation faster and cabling simpler for our customers. Apart from cost savings, one-cable technology also offers mechanical benefits, such as saving space and reducing weight in moving machine tools.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right products for your specific application and are available to answer any questions you may have.

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