Cables and wires for broadband expansion

In cars, networked sensors and actuators have long been the standard. However, in residential and public buildings, there is still a need to catch up due to their long life cycle. Fortunately, smart homes are no longer a technical challenge.

HELUKABEL South Africa has the right products for this purpose. Whether in private residences or public buildings, our cables for wires and building technology make everyday life easier for residents and ensure improvements in security, energy efficiency, operating costs, and flexibility of use. From light switches and dimmers to motion detectors, temperature regulators and blind controls, heating controls and alarm systems, various technical devices in smart are automatically networked with cables for wires and building technology via sensor-actuator sensors while remaining individually controllable.

EIB/KNX standard's bus technology is commonly used with our cables for wires and building technology. It's a system that connects all the sensors and devices in smart buildings through a phone line to share information. We provide a suitable solution with our "E-Bus/KNX" cable, which comes in different core sizes and outer cover materials to ensure seamless communication in line with EIB/KNX guidelines.

You can install our cables for wires and building technology on, inside, or beneath walls and ceilings, and it can even be used in dry and slightly humid areas. If you need it outdoors, a particular cable structure is necessary. Additionally, it's fire-resistant, and there's a halogen-free version available for use in public buildings.

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