Cables, Wires & Accessories for the South African Food & Beverage Industry

The food processing industry has strict standards when it comes to machines and their electrical parts, especially in terms of hygiene. To ensure that food and beverages stay uncontaminated, the equipment and components used in production need to follow specific hygiene guidelines.

This involves making sure the design of these machines prevents harmful microorganisms from settling on them. It's also crucial that these systems can be easily cleaned and withstand harsh cleaning agents, disinfectants, and hot steam. HELUKABEL South Africa offers a wide range of cables and wires for the food and beverage industry that are highly durable against heat, chemicals, and mechanical stress.

In addition, we provide cable accessories. For instance, the HELUTOP HT-Clean is designed with a smooth surface that repels dirt, making it easy to keep clean. Its stainless-steel screw connection can withstand common chemical cleaning agents. It's approved by the EHEDG and complies with FDA requirements, ensuring its suitability for safe food production. Furthermore, it's Ecolab-certified for added peace of mind.

HELUKABEL also has the appropriate cable accessories in its portfolio: The HELUTOP HT-Clean for example, has a particularly smooth surface so that dirt of all kinds cannot stick to it. The stainless-steel screw connection is also resistant to all common chemical cleaning agents. It is approved by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and is therefore suitable for the safe production of food. In addition, the fitting complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements and is Ecolab-certified.

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