Cables & Wires for South African Control Cabinet Construction

Companies in the control cabinet construction business do a wide range of things. They help customers with planning new control cabinets, buying the necessary parts, and putting everything together. All these steps need to be very precise and high-quality.

On top of that, the control cabinet industry is also getting more digital and advanced (Industry 4.0). So, companies need to make their processes better and more efficient.

HELUKABEL South Africa is there for its customers. If you're a control cabinet maker, you can count on our years of experience and range of cables and wires for control cabinet construction. Our medium voltage cables, servo cables, and single cores are top-quality. And to make things easier for our customers, we can even put special labels on the cables to improve the cabinet’s aesthetic.

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IE Patchcable M12
HELUTOOL Crimpset 5 in 1